Welcome to a world where letters and words rule! Hone your skills playing every type of word puzzle – and make your own!

Word games are not only fun, they also

encourage learning and cognitive health.



  • Anagrams: create as many words as you can with letters that are provided.
    Examples: Boggle and Bananagram

  • Crosswords: answer clues with words that fill a grid

  • Cryptograms or Ciphers: crack a code based on letter replacement 

  • Letter arrangements: create words using a set number of letters.
    Example: Scrabble

  • Rebus: words and pictures are arranged in a way that they depict words and/or phrases

  • Semantic games: this type of game plays with your factual knowledge of the meaning of words.
    Example: Mad Libs

  • Word jumbles: rearrange letters to form a word

  • Word search: look for given words within a grid of letters

Check out these popular word games:

What's your favorite word puzzle game?

Try making your very own game!

Anagram word creation

For projects for younger kids, look for Nigel the koala. 

BIG hint! You'll find Nigel in What's different? • Play portal • We Puzzle Together for Tots

Star indicates multi-activity project

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