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Welcome to a world where letters and words rule! Hone your skills playing every type of word puzzle – and make your own!

Word games are not only fun, they also

encourage learning and cognitive health.



  • Anagrams: create as many words as you can with letters that are provided.
    Examples: Boggle and Bananagram


  • Crosswords: answer clues with words that fill a grid

  • Cryptograms or Ciphers: crack a code based on letter replacement 

  • Letter arrangements: create words using a set number of letters.
    Example: Scrabble


  • Rebus: words and pictures are arranged in a way that they depict words and/or phrases

  • Semantic games: this type of game plays with your factual knowledge of the meaning of words.
    Example: Mad Libs


  • Word jumbles: rearrange letters to form a word

  • Word search: look for given words within a grid of letters

Check out these popular word games:

What's your favorite word puzzle game?

Try making your very own game!


Anagram word creation


Letter arrangements

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