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DIY Cookbook

This time of year, folks enjoy quality time together along with their favorite foods. What are your traditional recipes? How about gathering them together to share with loved ones?!

Use our template to collect your recipes – and those of friends and family – for a gift that will last all year. Even if you can't be physically together with loved ones, you can come together in your love of cooking. If only food aromas could be texted! 


  1. Download our cookbook cover and recipe page templates

  2. Duplicate and rename "Recipe Sheet_RECIPE NAME_duplicate.pdf" and change the file name to match your recipe. Create as many duplicates as you have recipes for your cookbook.

  3. Open each recipe file and add your information in the text fields.

  4. Save each file.

  5. Open "Cookbook COVER template.pdf." 

  6. Add your information in the text field at the bottom, for instance, "Compiled by Your Name" and save as a pdf "Cookbook COVER_Your Name.pdf"

  7. Go to Edit/Insert/Page from File... Add all files (cover and recipes) using the dropdown or drag and drop them into the folder window. Then arrange them in the order you want them in your cookbook. 

  8. Save your recipe cookbook somewhere easy to access and share with your friends and family!

  9. To print out your recipe book click on the printer icon. In Print panel, selection "All PDF files."


Bon appetite!


Download cookbook templates:

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