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We assemble and deliver project kits to places in our community that do not have access to computers and art supplies. We strive to design projects that do not require a lot of expensive or hard-to-find materials – most of our projects only require a pencil, paper and an open mind! We encourage hand drawing and construction. 

Project sets include

  • Instructions and materials for engaging art projects

  • Games & puzzle projects

  • Brain bender projects

  • "Let's move!" components that encourage physical activity such as chalk and jump ropes.

The kits provide supplies needed for the projects, with enough to share and spark additional creativity. We intentionally design separate project brochures with the hope that the kids who receive the kits will share them with others in their community. We encourage kids to be creative in using things they already have around them. And we include instructions on how to make things such as chalk, ink pads, paper straws, and play dough at home.

Community sharing & caring

  • Our kits have a "call to action" that encourages sharing with others. This can be by giving someone something they made, sharing a digital photo or video, or participating in one of our rotating community galleries.

  • We encourage kids to use the library as a resource and recycle every day objects in new and creative ways. We provide links to helpful resources.

Please contact us if you are interested in helping to assemble or deliver project kits. We also appreciate donations to help pay for supplies and kit distribution.


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