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what's different?

This game challenges your memory and ability to identify things that change.

HOW's your memory?!



2 or more. Players take turns being the "mover" and the "guesser."

How to play:

  1. To start, the "guesser" player(s) spend one minute looking into the "mover's" room from a doorway.

  2. The "guesser" player(s) then turn away from the room while the "mover" enters the room and changes six things. Changes can be closing curtains, moving a toy, or turning on a light. These changes must be visible from the doorway.

  3. Once the "mover" is ready, "guesser" player(s) return to the doorway and guess what has changed. 

  4. Players then move on to another participant's doorway and repeat.

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