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fingertip fun

Fun is at your finger tips with this project that transforms finger and thumbprints into lively drawings and imaginative worlds.


You will need:

  • Fingers (or you cam turn a carrot or potato into a stamp)

  • Paper

  • Ink pad

  • Pen, pencil or marker

  • A wet towel for washing your fingers & keeping your work space clean


Press your finger on the ink pad and then press onto the paper.


If you don't have an ink pad, one alternative is to draw a spiraling line that's oval in shape.


Once fingerprint ink is dry, draw over the print to make figures. Draw your world!

Scroll through the gallery to see cool things other folks have done.


  • Hide a note under a pillow to be discovered. Sweet dreams!

  • Drop a card at your neighbor's house. It'll brighten their day.

  • Take a photo of your artwork and send it to someone you love. They'll love hearing from you!

  • With a grownup's permission, send a photo to us and we'll post it in our gallery. 

My Ideas

Setting the stage.jpg

What do you see
outside your window?

What other worlds can you imagine?

Setting the stage2.jpg


Look for these at your library or bookstore.

Thumbprint Drawing book
FunPrint Drawing Book
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