We Puzzle Together
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We Puzzle Together provides activities, DIY games and resources to help kids develop their problem-solving superpowers – one math puzzle at a time. We Puzzle Together promotes the belief that everyone is a born mathematicians wired for testing conjectures and discovering patterns. When we solve a puzzle we experience just as much joy as when we dance, make art or listen to stories. We Puzzle Together aims to create opportunities for children to practice their innate mathematical thinking skills while delighting in playful problem-solving for fun.

Extending all over the globe, We Puzzle Together engages kids of all ages and is available in English and Spanish. We're thrilled to be partnering with We Puzzle Together. Math is for everyone!

Do you like to solve logic, arithmetic, and geometry puzzles?

Join We Puzzle Together live on Zoom every Friday at 10am PT in Spanish and 3pm PT in English. For kids 8 - ∞.

You can also join our WhatsApp groups in English or Spanish and receive fun math puzzles directly on your cell phone. It's free!