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How well do you really know your friends and family?! Find out with this fun and easy game you can play with people near you or far away. These questions are also great for family dinner conversation starts.

chat challenge


This is our family's go-to game when we gather – whether it's under the same roof or miles apart (via telephone or video conferencing).​ You need paper and pen and a minimum of 4 players – the more the merrier! 

  1. A person poses a question to the group. This question can be one of our Let's Chat questions or one the person makes up on their own.

  2. Each person in the group secretly writes down their answer to the question (or texts to an agreed upon group member).

  3. A group members reads all the answers to the question without revealing who wrote them.

  4. The person who asked the question then tries to match each answer with a person. 

  5. Points are awarded for every match.

  6. The role of questioner then rotates to another person and the original questioner becomes part of the group that answers.


For instance, the questioner might ask, "What famous living person would you like to have lunch with?"  Answers from the group might be Michelle Obama, Stephen Curry, Beyonce, Tom Hanks or Dolores Huerta.

Special thanks to Cindy Weitzman for help with the translations.

This page is dedicated to Chloe Campbell, our family therapist ;-)

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