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This fun game night is a family favorite. Embrace the Olympics motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius, which translates to Faster, Higher, Stronger!


Sketch a diagram of the space that you'll be playing in. We've shown an example of our house. You don't need to play in every room, but it's good to know what your options are. You can play inside and outside.


Make a list of games you like to play. It's best to pick ones that have multiple players and don't take a long time to play. Sometimes you can figure out ways to make long games shorter.

See examples below.


Match the games you have to each room. It's okay to have more than one game in a room, but a lot of the fun is in matching the game to the room. For instance, you can have a game that involves water in a bathroom.


Write down the rules for the game and how you're going to award points.

Make a chart for keeping track of the games and scores.


Gather the contestants (uniforms optional)! Cue the song Olympic Fanfare and Theme. Light the olympic torch.

Let the games begin!


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