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Coat of Arms

A coat of arms is a visual design created specifically to represent an individual person, family, state, organization or corporation. What is your modern interpretation?

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What is a coat of armS?

Developed in northern Europe in the mid-12th century, coats of arms served the purpose of identifying power holders. Traditionally, a coat of arms is a symbol used to identify an individual, family, state, organization or corporation. More recently, you may have seen coats of arms in the HBO Series Game of Thrones. The details on a coat of arms tell a viewer about the family or individual it belongs to. The design includes a shield, crest, crown or helmet, wreath, supporters, motto, and compartments.


  1. Draw a shield shape on a piece of paper.

  2. Review the common parts of a coat of armor.

  3. Decide which elements you want to include in your version.

  4. How can you make it specific and meaningful to you?


By looking at your coat of armor, what will people learn about you and your family, friends and interests? Do you have a motto that you life by?

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