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How to get a library card

The process for signing up online depends on your local library.

  • Go to your local library’s website to find instructions for applying for a library card. Some states, like California, allow you to get a library card in cities where you do not live. Look for non-resident borrowing privileges.

  • Look for an “Apply Online” button, email address, or  instructions. Due to the pandemic, most libraries are offering online library card applications.

  • Some libraries allow you to sign up through the Libby app.

What to do with your library card

You can access for free:

  • E-books

  • Audiobooks

  • Movies

  • TV shows

  • Digital newspapers

  • Online courses

Hoopla is a web and mobile library media streaming platform for audio books, comics, e-books, movies, music, and TV.

Kanopy allows you to watch documentaries, classic films and indie films for free.

Many resources are available in multiple languages.

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