You may be too young to vote, but you have opinions and a voice. Learn about things you care about. Let people know what's important to you!

  1. You are never too young to make a difference

  2. You can be your own best teacher

  3. You have control over your mind and heart

What can you do?

First, ask "What do I care about?"

Then learn about the things that interest you the most.

Don't have a burning passion? Learn something new:

read the newspaper or a book or watch a TED talk or documentary film. Ask lots of questions!

Take action!

  • Write letters, postcards, and emails to people who have the power to make change happen such as representatives in government.

  • Volunteer at your local food bank or community garden​.

  • Write a letter or article for a newspaper or your public radio​.

  • Participate in a safe and peaceful protest

  • Make a poster with your message.

  • Be inquisitive and creative!

Handmade posters are always best but you can download for free a wide range of posters from Amplifier.

For projects for younger kids, look for Nigel the koala. 

BIG hint! You'll find Nigel in What's different? • Play portal • We Puzzle Together for Tots

Star indicates multi-activity project

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