Sharing a meal together is a great time to catch up on one another's lives, and share thoughts, ideas and stories.


Picture your idea of a perfect gathering.

What's it like?


Jot down your ideas

What do you think would be fun? Your gathering can be with people in your home or someone you can connect with on the phone or computer. 

Following the planning sheet, decide:

  • What kid of gathering do you want?

  • Is there a theme?

  • What kind of food will be served?


Write a guest list

Guests can be in your home or folks you can connect with on the phone or computer.


Create an invitation

List all the important details:

  • What type of gathering

  • Method (in person or virtual)

  • When

  • Where

  • How

  • Attire

  • RSVP


Deliver the invitation – there are lots of methods to choose from!​

3set up

Setting a table is like setting a stage. 

Draw your table and mark rectangles where each person will sit. Create a placemat or seating tent cards (hide a surprise hidden message guests can discover!).


Decorations add interest and can help start conversation. Create a sculptural or floral centerpiece. Did you know napkins can be works of art? 

  • Origami napkin folding

  • Make napkin rings


Welcome each guest and be sure they know how happy you are to see them.

Play music to set the tone.

Create a conversation deck with discussion topics to liven up conversation. For example:

  • If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?

  • If you had one superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

Bon appetite!​


DIY craft ideas:

Any suggestions? We'd love to know your favorite go-to source for inspiration.

My Ideas

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