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Make everyday stories spontaneously funny and new! Team up with a friend to transform normal stories to silly ones with just a few select words.



Make up a letter, a story, or a crazy imaginary adventure!​

It can be anything: a trip to the zoo, a vacation, history lesson, or getting your hair cut.


Cross out important words in your story. Wherever you have a line drawn through a word, write a number and what type of word it is. For instance: "My pet unicorn is (1 adjective). It loves to (2 verb) when it is (3 adjective)." 


Using the "My Ideas" sheet below, rewrite the story but this time, put a line where the crossed out word was. Assign a number to the blank location.


On the right column, write the word type needed. Sometimes, to make sentence read well, it helps to have some specificity in the answer needed. For instance you might say "a name of a person" or "a place" instead of "noun" for each. 


Ask your friend to provide new ad-lib words.

Share the fun by reading your story to a friend!

Dear Diary,

I’ve been as busy as a (1 name of insect). This morning, I (2 past tense action verb) with (3 name of person). Outside, the world is (4 adjective). The temperature outside is (5 number) degrees. The trees are (6 color). For fun, I (7 activity) and make (8 something you create). For lunch, I ate some (9 food) made from ingredients from (10 name of place). Tonight, I'm really looking forward to (11 action verb) with (12 name of person) before I climb into bed and count (13 animals).


My Ideas

Ad-lib handout


Good to know:

  • Noun: a word used to describe a person, place, or thing. Musicians, playgrounds, and apples are nouns.

  • Verb: a word something to describe an action. A present tense verb is something happening now, for instance, "I run." A paste tense verb is something that happened in the past. For example, "I ran."

  • Adjective: a word used to help describe a person, place, or thing. For example, a playful dolphin.

  • Adverb: a word used to describe actions and other words

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