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Take a walk around your neighborhood to see how many different items are in your world. Use your powers of observation to make your own unique bingo boards.

1set up

Number of players:

2 players minimum


What you need:

All you need is a pencil & paper


Spend some time looking out your window or in your backyard. 


What do you: 





Take a walk around your neighborhood. Look for the items on our bingo board at the bottom. Or use our blank bingo board to make your own.


Make a list of 8-24 things* that come and go through your world. 

For example, we:

See: jogger, dog, butterfly, delivery truck, a leaf fall to the ground

Hear: fire truck siren, hawk screech, dog bark

Smell: jasmine flowers in the wind

* If playing with a younger kid, you can make grid the 3x3 with 8 items. 


Next, create a grid that's 5 columns x 5 rows.* Put a circle in the center (it's a freebie!). Now write or draw the things from your list onto the grid. Do another sheet with the same grid, and write or draw the same things but this time in different places. Create as many boards as you have players, being sure each one is fairly different.


Either play with people around you or take a photo of one of the boards and send it to a friend. Starting at the same time, all players start looking for the items on their sheet. If they see it, they can mark its spot with an "X." The first person who gets for 5 Xs in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) wins!

Bingo_example 2.jpg
Bingo_example 1.jpg
Bingo_board for tots.jpg
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