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Coloring has the ability to induce a meditative state of mind and help you feel calm and relaxed. Plus the final colored artwork can be totally awesome and uniquely yours! 


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During the pandemic, Mara Lea Brown created coloring pages to provide people with "a moment of calm and creativity amidst the chaos."  Check out the gallery of Mara's coloring pages above. Enjoy coloring inside and outside the lines!

Digital versions of all coloring books are ree. You can print the pages, color them and share them with your family, neighbors, students and friends! You can also purchase printed copies of the books clicking here. Want to share your creativity? Post the photo on Facebook and Instagram using tag #2020quarantinecoloringbook 

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I feel a need to commemorate the lives we have lost this year. An unthinkable number of people have died from COVID-19. Many of these deaths could have been prevented. We are mourning lives cut short due to police brutality, systemic racism, homophobia, sexism and so many other acts of hatred, greed, ignorance and neglect. Role models, activists, artists and other heroes passed away this year and are no longer here to guide and inspire us in person. Through my drawings I am lighting candles, saying their names and reflecting on the unique meanings and healing properties of flowers in their honor."  
- Mara Lea Brown


Quarantine Coloring Book Trilogy!
The 2020-2021 Quarantine Hope and Remembrance Coloring Book has arrived!  

With these coloring pages Mara's intention is to commemorate our collective loss and to appreciate the glimmers of hope that are beginning to emerge. 
Enjoy coloring inside and outside the lines!

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We love to doodle and color – and spread hope and love! Download these coloring pages for free.
Did you know it's easy and fun (and super satisfying!) to make your own?! Learn how on our Zentangle and Alphabet art pages. Check back for more!

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