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Your turn!-X


Take a spin at creating your own creative problem-solving activity!

We create projects because we love taping into our creative energy.


But why should we get to have all

the fun in designing these projects?

Here's your chance to design your own project – and, if you want, share it with us & others.

Follow these steps:

  1. Brainstorm about what you like to do: play music, cook, draw comics, tumble, tell stories, etc.

  2. Think about the steps you take when you do these things. How would you show someone how you think & what you do?

Our process for organizing projects to share:

Once we have an idea for what we want to share, we do the following.

  1. List the basics:
    • What supplies are needed?
    • How many participants are needed?

  2. Write the steps in your process.
    • Think of ways to help organize what you do.
    • Does sketching help?
    • Can you organize information best with a graph or diagram?
    • Does showing examples help convey your message?
    • How do you keep it simple for a young kid?
    • How do you make it complicated for an older one?
    • What is the end result? Is it a game that someone wins, artwork, a story?

  3. Think about how you can share your project.
    • Can you give it to a friend or relative?
    • Can it be a random act of kindness?
    • You're welcome to share it with us on our community board.

Good luck & have fun!

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