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Project dots_fork lift.jpg


Did you know everyday objects can be transformed into beautiful sculptures and games?!


You need:

  • forks (can be plastic or metal, just be careful not to poke yourself!)


  1. Starting with three forks, explore how you can bring the forks together to support one another. 

  2. Keep adding forks and see how high you can get off the table. Placing a towel on the table top can help keep forks from slipping.

  3. Finally, try adding something new to your sculptural parts such as a spatula, a roll of toilet paper, or a banana. 


How to play the game:

  • Each player has their own set of forks

  • Players compete to see who uses the most forks in a freestanding sculpture in one minute.

  • Each fork can only touch the table in one spot.

Look around you. What other everyday objects can you transform into sculptures? 

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