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Bring nature into your home with this fun and easy terrarium project.


  • Mason jar or container (can even be a tea cup!)

  • Pebbles or gravel

  • Aggrevated charcoal (optional)

  • Moss (optional) 

  • Potting soil (such as cactus succulent blend)

  • Small succulent

  • Polished rocks

  • Figurines (optional but fun!)


  1. Pour 1/2" of pebbles into the base of the jar for drainage.

  2. Add a layer of charcoal to act as a purifying agent. 

  3. Break up the moss into pieces and tuck them in to line the jar. 

  4. Add a layer of soil.

  5. It's time to add the succulents. You can use small cuttings. Prior to planting, remove extra dirt around the roots and dead leaves at the plant base. Make a small hole in the soil and gently tuck the roots into the hole. 

  6. Tap more soil around the plant.

  7. Add polish rocks around the edge for a finishing touch.

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