Let 'em roll!

Since before recorded history, dice, singular die, have been used for games. Dice have even been found inside Egyptian tombs! Here's your chance to design your own dice, use them to play a multitude of games, and then make up your own DIY dice games.


Typically dice are tossed and the winning side is the one that faces up. Dice can be found in many shapes and  materials (bone, metal, rock, wood, ceramic, plastic, stone, gems). Beyond fun and games, dice games have historically been used for mathematical analysis (probability and statistics). Use our templates to make your own paper dice.

Check out these popular dice games:

Making your own game can be even better than playing classic games! 

  • Board game: roll the dice to move forward

  • Dice rolling game: roll dice with goal of creating a pattern or getting a certain sum

  • Dice action game: let a dice roll determine an action (such as a physical activity or drawing).



Print out two copies of this template (one for each side of the board) or draw up your own design. Mix up the colors, textures and patterns. Make 15 pieces per player out of cut paper, fabric, or using buttons, legos, or coins.


Let the roll of the dice determine your robot features:

Roll 1: body

Roll 2: head

Roll 3: right hand

Roll 4: left hand

Roll 5: right leg and foot

Roll 6: left leg and foot


Following the Yahtzee approach to dice play, create your own score card with your own dice goals.

For instance, the sum goal of the dice can be a certain number through addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. For example, if you only use 2 dice, a roll of 3 and 2 could satisfy the goal of 3-2=1, 3+2+5 or 3x2+6. Perhaps you have special rules for doubles.


Board games come in all shapes and sizes. The dice roll moves players through the course of play.


For inspiration, check out:



Print out two copies of this template (one for each side of the board) or draw up your own design. Be creative in making 15 discs per player by making them our of cut paper, fabric, or using buttons, legos, or coins.

What's your favorite dice game?!

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