Get instantly hooked on making ink creatures. Go with the flow and bring ink shapes to life.


  • Paper

  • Ink or watered down paint

  • A drinking straw (thin plastic stirring straws work best)

  • Markers or pens (you can also use whiteout and paint)



Cover your work area so the ink and paint wont stain anything important.


Put a large droplet of ink on paper. Quickly, before it dries, blow on the droplet through a straw to direct the ink out onto the sheet. Try blowing on it from different directions. Don't let the straw touch the paper or ink.


Once the ink dries, spend some time looking at your ink splat. Like clouds in the sky, you can see the suggestion of a form - a leg, arm or wing. With your markers add to the splat to bring it to life.


What you need: rectangular paper (can be scrap or newspaper), glue, and a pencil (the thinner the better)

Steps: Lay the paper flat on the table. Put glue on one of the long edges of the paper. Align the pencil with the other long edge. Roll the paper around the pencil, ending with the glue edge securing the paper to itself. Let dry.


Look for this book at your library or bookstore:

100 Days of Monsters.jpg