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the DOTS

Take turns with a friend drawing lines to connect dots and claim squares. The player with the most squares wins!


Number of players: 2 players


What you need: pencil & paper

Set up the sheet: draw a grid of evenly spaced dots

2draw lines

Each player takes a turn connecting one dot to another adjacent dot horizontally or vertically, one line/move at a time. After a while, the board begins to fill with a series of horizontal and vertical lines, some connected, some not.


When a player draws a line that forms a square, that player fills the square with his or her first initial to claim it as a point. This player, who drew the closing line on the square, then draws another line. 


The game is played until all the dots become boxes. The player with the most boxes completed once all the boxes are claimed wins the game. 

This game tests your ability to think ahead. The more you play, the better you'll get at seeing your path (or the finish line!) to victory! 


This classic games uses dots and a grid pattern. Can you imagine a game that uses different shapes and patterns? For instance, what if you use stars in a spiral or add colors? What if it's 3-dimensional?


Dots_example game.jpg
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