Doorways are more than openings in walls – they're portals between spaces! With the magic of your imagination, you have the power to transform them. Make moving through your home a special experience! 

1set up

What you need:

Post-it notes or paper and tape

Count the number of doorways in your home.


Decide on a different movement activity for each doorway. For example, you could say "stick out your tongue," "stop and touch your toes" or "whistle a tune."


Draw a large hexagon shape (like a stop sigh) on your note. Inside this shape write the action for each doorway.


Post your notes on the inner frame of the doorway so it can be seen from either approach. If you want, you can double-up and have different actions for different approaches to the doorway.


You can either explain to the people in your home the secrets behind the portals, or you can post them up without explanation and see what happens.


What other common things around you can be transformed into opportunities for magical moments?!



your hands


Say the name

of someone

you love


Touch your

toes & then

your nose

For projects for younger kids, look for Nigel the koala. 

BIG hint! You'll find Nigel in What's different? • Play portal • We Puzzle Together for Tots

Star indicates multi-activity project

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