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Each kit contains a set of handouts with make, play, solve and move handouts and the supplies needed to match.

Kit #1
Kit #2

Kit #1

  • Ad-lib tales

  • Bingo

  • Connect the dots

  • Chalk it up!

  • Make your own chalk

Kit #2

  • Papel picado

  • Domin-ohs!

  • Make your own domino set

  • Make your own crossword puzzle

Kit #3

  • Room olympics

  • Domin-ohs!

  • Make your own games: dominoes, scavenger hunt, what's different and forklift and other games (card, board, tile, dice)

Kit #4

  • Visit local garden: exploration and analysis (actual physical and video with farmer)

  • Cooking lesson 

  • Recipes

  • True Food in touch with Nicole thru Mallory

  • Growing from seed project (provide seeds)

  • Exploratorium: Science of Gardening

Kit #5

  • Playtime

  • Scrambled jokes

  • Play portal

  • Finger tip fun

Kit #6

  • Make a place boardgame (game construct with play doh, popsicle sticks, rolled paper sticks)

  • Spaghetti tower

  • Collage

Kits can also include:

• Puzzles: We Puzzle Together with puzzle types such as domino donuts, KenKen, sudoku, tangram

• Activity item: ball, chalk or jump rope 

• Exquisite corpse sheet

• Just for fun: punching balloon, bubbles, or sticker sheet

Kit #7

  • Dining party

  • Names and numbers

  • Origa-Me!

  • Chandelier Mobile

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