to your own drum beat


Feeling lucky? Take a chance and try something new: leap onto our creative rainbow! We have LOTS of art, game and puzzle projects! As the Irish say, Give it a lash! (translation: give something a go).


We have a grá (Irish for love!) for dots. Here's a fun project to do with friends and family – in person or virtually.


  • Paper (any size but we like 5-1/2"x8-1/2")

  • Black markers

  • Dot stickers or trace and color in a quarter or bottle cap



  • Place one or more dots on a piece of paper

  • Doing a drawing that incorporates the dot. Perhaps an animal, vehicle, place, insect, robot, alien, bug, sport or food. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

  • Hang them up together as a quilt and enjoy the variety of ideas.



Want to contribute to the dot gallery? Send a photo or scan of your work to We do not share or sell your information.


G’wan (Irish for go on)! This is a truly satisfying artistic adventure!

  • Use one of our templates like the clover or create your own outlined drawing.

  • Fill it in with doodle patterns.

  • Color it to your heart's content. 

There's no arseways (Irish for wrong way!) to do it!

For added fun, add text to tell a story about the drawing. It can be dialogue, caption, quote, or poem.


Mirroring and Notan

All you need is paper, scissors and glue to enjoy this fun and easy project that explores positive and negative space. We're sure you'll come up with a brilliant design.


We're showing two versions:

  • Mirroring, a 2-directional flip that's great for beginnings

  • Traditional square Notan, a 4-directional flip