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Let's JUMP!

Ever feel so happy you want to jump for joy?

Bounce, skip and hop to the tune of these fun videos by yourself or with friends!

Tips & tricks

  • Position your hands roughly the same distance away from the center line of your body.

  • The jump rope rotation should be generated by your wrists, so try not to move your elbows and shoulders too much.

basic jumps

To start, you can do these moves without a jump rope while standing on a line to see where you are putting your feet.

  • Cross: land with your feet apart, then land with your feed crossed like an X; continue alternating between the two positions

  • Wounded duck: jump and turn your toes in toward one another, then jump again with your heels together and your toes pointing out to the side. Alternate this pattern each rope swing.

  • Scissor: first land with your right foot forward and your left back and the land with your left food forward and right your foot back. Continye alternating foot positions. 

  • Swing: first land one your right foot and swing your left food to the side, then land on your left foot and swing your right foot to the side.

  • Have fun!


4' up to 4'-9": 7 foot long jump rope

4'-10" to 5"-3": 8 foot long jump rope

5'-4" to 5'-11": 9 foot long jump rope

6'-0" to 6'-4": 10 foot long jump rope

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