Let's Bounce!

Bouncing a balloon (& building with legos!) are my all-time favorite things to do. There are no rules, special techniques, or skills involved. It's just truly satisfying on a very basic level. Grab a balloon or ball!


I credit my success on the basketball court to the endless hours I spent bouncing balloons around the house. It built up my agility, speed and hand-eye coordination. My only word of advice: move things out of the way so you don't knock anything over (breaking something is the only thing worse than a popped balloon!)


  • Play balloon tennis with a balloon and paper plates or fly swatters

  • Race coins in an inflated balloon

  • Inflate a balloon: pour 1/3 vinegar in an empty water bottle, put 2 Tablespoons of baking soda in a flat balloon, fit balloon mouth around the tip of the bottle, empty the baking soda into the bottle, and watch balloon fill up with air. 

  • On a hot day, nothing cools you off better than a fun water balloon toss!

For projects for younger kids, look for Nigel the koala. 

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