The Monterey Bay Aquarium

Today we're visiting one of our favorite places! Learn about the animals, their habitats, and care.


Check out the live cams to see what they're up to right now! Which did you like the most?

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Aviary birdwatching

Coral reef community


Jelly in Open Sea

  • Watch the graceful movement of the sea nettles and learn how they hunt and survive.

Kelp forests provide food and shelter

Monterey Bay view from the deck

  • From the deck, identify the birds and sea mammals of Monterey Bay. Watch for black cormorants perched on a rock, harbor seals and sea otter.

Moon jelly

  • Watch these delicate and translucent bells pulsate with the current.

  • Distinctive characteristics include bright, petal-like gonads and a fine stinging fringe for hunting.

  • What they eat transforms their colors!

Open sea


  • Energetic and inquisite, watch these African penguins dart and dive! 

  • Check out the daily feeding at 3p.m. PDT.

Sea Otters

  • Like us, the southern sea otters love to play with toys, lounge and snooze.

  • Check out the narrated feeding at 1:30 p.m. PDT.




Coast of Stinson Beach, CA

For projects for younger kids, look for Nigel the koala. 

BIG hint! You'll find Nigel in What's different? • Play portal • We Puzzle Together for Tots

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