This year we are facing many new challenges. The 2020 Quarantine Coloring Book reflects some or our shared experiences under lockdown, celebrating how our community has responded to COVID-19. I drew and shared one coloring page per day with my friends and family. Given the original meaning of the word “quarantine,” I did this over a period of 40 days. 

The electronic version of the 2020 Quarantine Coloring Book is completely free. You can print the pages, color them and share them with your family, neighbors, students and friends! 


You can also purchase a printed copy of the 2020 Quarantine Coloring Book by clicking here

My hope is that the 2020 Quarantine Coloring Book will provide you with a moment of calm and creativity amidst the chaos. 

Enjoy coloring inside and outside the lines!

- Mara Lea Brown

There are several ways to share your art (do them all!):

  • Email a photo of your coloring and we'll post it on our community gallery:

  • Post the photo on Facebook and Instagram using tag #2020quarantinecoloringbook 

  • Place your artwork in your front window for people to see from the street.

2020 Quarantine Questions

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still here. Instead of solutions I feel we have more questions than ever! What questions are floating through your mind these days? Share your questions with me and I will use them as inspiration for future coloring pages. - Mara

Color Page in Response to Quarantine Question

"How can I be a part of change... even if I can't vote, can I encourage others who can... why is it important to vote... why should I care?"

#1 Separate Yet Connected

Take a break, look out your window and wave at your neighbor. Notice nature. Feel connected.


#2 Stay in Touch

Keep in touch with your friends and family. Make up new ways to have fun together!


#3 Building Community

Our community is starting to look a little different. Let's make it what we want it to be!


#4 A Matter of Perspective

Enjoy the silence.

#5 Story Time

Read a book. Tell a story. Let your imagination travel.


#6 Checking In

How are you feeling? These are strange times.


#7 Resourcefulness

Make a mask. Play. Rest. Create. We can do this!


#8 On the Front Line

To doctors, nurses and all health professionals, thank you!

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