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A big hug and thanks to the inspiring Colleen Irwin, whose free neighborhood food bank was our home base for outreach to neighborhood kids. Thanks to Cindy Weitzman for her consistent support in English and en español. Many contributed to our content: Mara Lea Brown shared her beautiful coloring pages, Hana Murphy created a yoga video, Charlene and Glenn Nevill provided beautiful photographs, Lillian Murphy contributed artwork, Claire Wrenn Bobrow consulted with our reading lists, Georgiana Osipova helped translate our kit handouts, and the ever-generous Rhythm and Motion teachers got us movin' and groovin'. We are grateful to Julie Glantz, Giorgio Sage and Lillian Murphy for art supplies. Thanks to those who financially donated to our cause: Julie Manning, Barbara Campbell, Dwight Long, Dudley Flores, Rebecca Setziol, and Ritu Bhargava. Your belief in us meant more than words can express. Cheers to making things, playing games, solving puzzles, moving, sharing and bringing folks together!

We are thrilled to be celebrating Look What I Did's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Sprung from the desire to make a positive impact during the pandemic, we've now posted FREE daily content for 365 days: art, games, puzzles, exercise and so much more! Thanks to everyone who has supported us in this wild ride.